A time of year when gardens go into a restful slumber. Winter gardens can be enjoyed for the colour stems of Cornus, bark interest from trees like Prunus serrula, Betula and Acer griseum and beautiful branch structure silhouetted against the low winter light. Misty, foggy mornings give an otherworldly quality to gardens, tiny crystals of morning dew hanging on cobwebs and the dusting of frost across the lawns and plants.

Some plants such Chimonanthus, Sarcococca and Hamamelis will provide a sweet perfume whilst some will even provide blooms such as the pearls of snowdrops and golden yellows of winter Aconites.



The pace of gardening in December really slows down. Take some time out to enjoy the garden. There is still a lot of colour and interest to be found outside. Protect any vulnerable plants by wrapping fleece or moving under cover. Read More>>


Although gardens look like they are in a gentle slumber there is still a lot of beauty and interest outside. Read More>>



The days are getting longer and most gardeners will be itching to get back into the garden. February is still very cold and wet. Try and avoid stepping on soil as this causes compaction. If you must then use a plank (scaffold board) to walk on. This will help reduce compaction. Read More>>