A busy season with much work to be done before the onset of the winter chill. Firey reds, oranges and yellows clothe trees and shrubs as the change in colours begins. There is still a lot of floral colour in the garden through Helianthus, Rudbeckia, Anemones, Caryopteris and Asters. Grasses will come into their own with beautiful feathery plumes swaying in the Autumn breeze.

Hips, seed heads and berries will provide additional autumn interest and food for wildlife. Preparation for next year starts now.


Continue to weed. Keep up with the dead heading. Even though it may not encourage more flowers now, it does help to keep the garden tidy. Continue to water and feed your containers. Read More>>



The weather is now cooler but keep on top of garden hygiene. Rake up leaves. These can be composted. Bear in mind that leaves take longer to break down. If the leaves are not wet our tip is to make small piles and go over them with a lawn mower and collect them in the box. This will help them to compost quicker. Our other suggest would be to bag the leaves in black refuse bags, wet the leaves, poke some holes in the bags, close the top and leave them in corner of the garden out of the way. In 2 years you will have lovely leaf mould that can be used as mulch or dug in to improve the condition of your soil. Cut back and compost all summer bedding. Read More>>


Leave ornamental grasses uncut to provide winter interest and protection for over wintering beneficial insects. Frost on grasses and cobwebs with morning dew can look spectacular. Read More>>